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Service Design for College Enrollment

Their project through the redesign of the work model and enhances the ability to work across departments. Moreover, it could help students familiarize themselves with the campus through a variety of connections and services. For the department, the project results include the definition of value goals, work mode and interactive function design. Services for students include consulting services, admission reception services, guidance services of peers and admission brochures.

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Visions Of Future

Visions of Future is an interactive motion-activated manifest. Borrowed from the aesthetics of sci-fi, and as far from the conventional booth design as possible. Neon lights and a towering fragmented screen-wall without any hints of controls. Every vision was constructed around the guest's digitized avatar, communications the main message - future is impossible without actions, no one does not know, where future lies, but Inty is the one to create it. To deliver this effect Inty used a depth camera, scanning the person in real-time.

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Daxi Daxi

Since 2018, BIAS has developed and implemented an urban festival to help Daxi township preparing for the key religious ceremony of the place. Usually, Taiwanese ceremonies are conservative and based on rural traditions that dictate a strict set of rules. To share the charm of folk beliefs with the urban public, BIAS mediated the traditions by a strategic set of design interventions and activities that provide a pop-culture vibe to the event. In particular, BIAS acted as curator and invited various young artists and designers to cooperate with those that preserve old traditions.

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Check-in Hsinchu

The Design Expo is an annual design event promoted by the Central government of Taiwan. It aims to bring new energy to the local design sector. In 2020, Hsinchu hosted it, i.e., a city that holds a vibrant Science Park and more than 300 years of history. In this context, BIAS transformed the Expo into an urban event. Instead of triggering a single exhibition, this choice brought to temporarily re-imagine a line of places across the city. The aim was to let people experience the diversity of the city and showcase a new urban narrative, two things that finally highlighted design's social power.

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Maison Francois

The design of Maison Francois aims to evolve the brasserie genre. Rather than looking to the Art Deco period for inspiration, GSL embraced Postmodernism and Brutalism, most notably referencing Ricardo Bofill’s La Fabrica in Barcelona, with its grand terracotta arches and rough cement ceiling. The layout of the restaurant nevertheless follows a classic brasserie format, with noble materials throughout and details that evoke iconic establishments of the past.

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JW Marriott Hotel Shanghai Fengxian

Located in Shanghai's seaside district Fengxian, this new urban oasis hotel 52000 m2 offers warm and welcoming luxury with enriching experiences for the body and mind in Hangzhou Bay. The hotel features 265 exquisite Guestrooms and suites, 1,800 m2 meeting space area, 900 m2 grand banquet hall with three distinctive restaurants and a bar JW Garden, All-day dining outlet JW Kitchen, Chinese restaurant Yan Xuan and specialty Shanghai Crab and Co. A spacious executive lounge makes an ideal spot to catch up with work while contemplating the surrounding natural scenery.

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