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The Tiny House

The custom-fabricated Tiny House is a mobile bar designed to be a physical manifestation of the "House of Suntory" brand and created to bring an immersive experience symbolizing Japanese hospitality. It features two micro bars serving luxuriously crafted cocktails in an intimate setting inside the house, while a hospitality lounge outside features a highball bar for guests during their wait to get inside. The outdoor area includes interactive elements such as a kinetic sand table, a bamboo wishing tree, lounge furniture, a TV for brand content, and a spiral staircase to the roof.

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Centrestage 2018

Centrestage being one of Asia’s premium fashion events was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre for 4 days. Over 220 fashion brands occupied a 7000 square meter area. The event organiser gave 3 communal areas at the event to elevate the show’s ambience. To reflect the design concept, Tomorrow Lab a series of futuristic industrial laboratory themes were created to evoke the visitors’ imagination. Various installations were developed, starting at the venue’s entry concourse area then leading into the exhibition hall’s central display and catwalk arena.

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Art Of Living

The organiser for the Hong Kong Houseware Fair had 2 objectives. Firstly, to elevate the show’s image, secondly was provide a physical trend forecast display area. From this, a welcome/signage installation was created at the venue’s main foyer and exhibition hall entry inspired by the trend research. Selective colours and forms were used to create abstract interior settings. For the physical trend forecast display 4 categories of future trends provided by the houseware industry were curated in a similar visual merchandising technique to narrate the stories of the displays to the visitors.

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Foxpat is a reusable training simulator developed to train the surgeons for Oxford Partial Knee Replacement surgery. It is a realistic simulation of a regular patient's knee, integrated with sensors to feedback on the effectiveness of the surgical procedure. With Foxpat, surgeons can individually practice multiple times before operating on a real patient. It provides a safe and realistic environment where surgeons are allowed to use actual tools that are used in the operating room and make mistakes to learn without harming a patient.

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WCG Champions

The design for the WCG Champions trophy was developed for the winners of the recently returned World Cyber Games tournament series. Reserved only for the top players, the 60cm tall, black chrome and gold trophy represents the dedication and sacrifice required to accomplish such a feat. The design successfully integrates the WCG cube motif within a futuristic hourglass frame, combining modern beauty with the feeling of discovery.

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World Cyber Games 2019 Xi'an

For the World Cyber Games 2019 event was a feat months in the making. The goal was to bring the tournament series back after a 6 year absence, and to accomplish this the WCG Event team organized not only a game tournament with professional and amateur athletes from around the globe, but also designed and organized opening and closing ceremonies, a EDM festival with world-famous DJs, unforgettable cosplay performances, an insightful esports conference with esports industry leaders, and even a TED talk!

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