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PowerBox Wanja

Wanja is a brand that enhances the learning skills of students. From cover designs using cube-shaped characters as graphic motifs to cube-shaped paper toy making activities, Wanja provides a consistent brand experience. The vivid colors provide a bright brand image, while paper toy making delivers an enjoyable brand experience. The four study books are designed such that a large cube shape can be shown when they are combined together. The text inside the book also makes use of square design elements to complete a consistent brand identity.

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City Details

The showcase of design solutions for hardscape elements City Details was being held from October, 3 to October, 5 2019 in Moscow. Advanced concepts of hardscape elements, sports- and playgrounds, lighting solutions and functional urban art objects were presented on an area of 15 000 square meters. An innovative solution was used to organize the exhibition area, where instead of even rows of exhibitor booths there was built the city’s working miniature model with all the specific components, such as: the city square, streets, a public garden.

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Mixed Reality

To solve the task of presenting the energy strategy of the city, a hologram was chosen as the tool. It was needed to develop the interior and exterior of the stand, taking into account the strict limitations of the technology to re-invented the hologram technology. Instead of 1 layer, designers used 3: a hologram, a background, a projection onto the floor. All layers worked synchronously. The graphics had to comply with strict rules in order not to break the magic. Tried to stick to minimalism and focus on achieving the illusion of the presence of real objects and a sensation of energy literally in the air.

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The project refers to the interior, landscape and lighting design of the communal areas of a new destination and leisure service small scale mall. The deliverable was to create by spatial design a laid back atmosphere, right in the heart of Bucharest. A welcoming, upper scale and experiential gathering point, so that it could become a community based destination and experience provider. The proposal focused on Research Informed Design, Future Cities design methodology and Storm water Management Practices with a view to establishing a sustainable urban place to be embraced by all.

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Game Fuel PRO-AM Consumer Experience

The Mtn Dew AMP Game Fuel Celebrity PRO-AM was a pre-release exhibition pairing gaming professionals with celebrities to highlight the new 2v2 game mode in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and give consumers a sneak peek at the new MTN DEW AMP GAME FUEL can. The activation, hosted as a P.R. event for the brand’s Call of Duty partnership, was broadcast live through Twitch to reach consumers directly.

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Zhangyan Country Living Festival

The project hopes to create a blueprint for rural life in the future. The key vision design integrates the design style of Memphis School. It abstracts the "mountain, water, fish, bridge" and other elements with the local characteristics of Zhangyan Village to form the visual identity of this event. The overall vision of the project starts from the specific sections of the exhibition, speech, workshop, and market to carry out the spatial narrative, conveying the concepts of rural, sustainable, future, innovation.

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