Danne Ojeda's Dna Poster

Danne Ojeda Exhibits The Dna Poster

Danne Ojeda, the project leader of the award winning project Poster by Danne Ojeda says, The poster resembles the structure of a DNA shaped as a paper origami. This is in reference to the concept behind the exhibition D-Sign-Lab focused on the relati <Cropped>

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Light Installation:glowing by Nils-R. Schultze

Nils-R. Schultze Reveals The Glowing Light Installation

Nils-R. Schultze, the designer of the award winning design light installation:Glowing by Nils-R. Schultze explicates, The power plant of the BTB brings ecological energy to the Science-Park Adlershof. Around the water reservoirs there are rings with <Cropped>

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Award Winning Crematorium Crematorium

Mauro Crepaldi-Patrimonio Copparo Srl Shows The Crematorium Crematorium

Mauro Crepaldi - Patrimonio Copparo Srl, the designer of the awarded design Crematorium:Crematorium by Mauro Crepaldi - Patrimonio Copparo Srl explains, The new Mortuary Hub lies in front of the Copparo historic Cemetery, in an urban void that goes <Cropped>

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Award Winning Empty Parts Hair Salon

Jien-An Lai Spotlights The Empty Parts Hair Salon

Jien-An Lai, the lead designer of the highlighted project Hair Salon by Jien-An Lai illustrates, Everyone has a variety of hairstyles, and they actually provide a way to record people's lives, whenever people see their hair in the old photos, <Cropped>

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Award Winning Lotus Side Table

Acclaimed Designer Designs The Lotus Side Table

The lead designer of the awarded project Lotus by Acclaimed Designer illustrates, Created for relaxed, friendly moments, the Lotus Side Table is easy to plane in any type of environment. Used on its own or in couple, the form of the table is inspired <Cropped>

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Award Winning Qoobi One Wireless Tube Pre Amp

Matvey Evstigneev Illustrates The Qoobi One Wireless Tube Pre Amp

Matvey Evstigneev, the thinktank behind the awarded project Wireless Tube Pre Amp by Matvey Evstigneev spells out, The Qoobi design concept originated from the desire to create a unit that is a world apart from any existing sound devices. The desig <Cropped>

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Baroniá Pasta Range by Packlab

Packlab Reveals The Baroniá Pasta Range Global Branding and Packaging Design

PACKLAB, the maker of the highlighted design Award Winning Baroniá Pasta Range Global Branding and Packaging Design points out, As one of the largest producers of pasta in the world, Baroniá needs no introduction. On the same token, the market size <Cropped>

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Ring:tetrahedron by Amanda Gerbasi

Amanda Gerbasi Exhibits The Tetrahedron Ring

Amanda Gerbasi, the author of the displayed design Amanda Gerbasi's Tetrahedron Ring explicates, The objective of this design was to integrate the sharp lines of the tetrahedron form to the organic shape of the human finger while still retainin <Cropped>

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Zanadu Travel Experience Space by Xuan Chen

Xuan Chen Shows The Zanadu Travel Experience Space Experience Space

Xuan Chen, the thinktank behind the displayed work Zanadu Travel Experience Space - Experience Space by Xuan Chen explains, The design language is very much tech-driven. The space feels like an exploded pixel landscape. Digital clouds hang from the c <Cropped>

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Lily Nails Salon-Salon by Wenqiang Han

Wenqiang Han Spotlights The Lily Nails Salon Salon

Wenqiang Han, the creator of the displayed project Salon:Lily Nails Salon by Wenqiang Han explains, The design gets rid of the symbolic method of over deco which was typically used while designing this type of store. The starting point of this design <Cropped>

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