Lighting:moon & Orchid by Sang Yoon Kim

Sang Yoon Kim Creates The Moon & Orchid Lighting

SANG YOON KIM, the creative mind behind the highlighted project LIGHTING by SANG YOON KIM illustrates, This product is a result from the project to create new traditions by crashing the traditional crafted products and the most high-tech engineering <Cropped>

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Ultrasound System:mylab 9 by Fabio Rezzonico

Fabio Rezzonico Shows The Mylab 9 Ultrasound System

Fabio Rezzonico, the creative mind behind the displayed design Fabio Rezzonico's MyLab 9 Ultrasound system says, MyLab 9 ultrasound system provides a full range of diagnostic services. A new design with improved ergonomic, simple yet effective u <Cropped>

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Award Winning Tilt Inclusive Kettle

Andy Walton Designs The Tilt Inclusive Kettle

Andy Walton, the creator of the award winning project Inclusive Kettle:Tilt by Andy Walton explains, Tilt is an inclusive kettle to aid pouring and filling. Tilt's unique hinge system aids in the pouring process by reducing the strain on the a <Cropped>

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Award Winning Aluminum Heatsink Laptop Stand Laptop Stand

Bryan Wong Illustrates The Aluminum Heatsink Laptop Stand Laptop Stand

Bryan Wong, the project leader of the highlighted project Laptop Stand by Bryan Wong explicates, The AHLS is a laptop stand that can reduce laptop's heat while improving ergonomics silently. By utilizing aluminum's amazing material attrib <Cropped>

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Metatron-Armchair by Kamil Taner

Kamil Taner Designs The Metatron Armchair

Kamil Taner, the designer of the highlighted design Award Winning Metatron Armchair illustrates, Kamil Taner's philosophy is to design timeless furniture and interiors. He believes a great design will keep on living in our beautiful planet at ev <Cropped>

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Award Winning Lorea Ring Ring

Fabio Brazil and Henrique Murgel Exhibits The Lorea Ring Ring

Fabio Brazil and Henrique Murgel, the architect of the highlighted work Ring:Lorea Ring by Fabio Brazil and Henrique Murgel points out, The three diamonds, each in a different size, act like plants striving for sunlight. This composition was created <Cropped>

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Casa Ojala by Beatrice Bonzanigo

Beatrice Bonzanigo Exhibits The Casa Ojala Highly Flexible House

Beatrice Bonzanigo, the architect of the awarded design Beatrice Bonzanigo's Casa Ojala Highly Flexible House demonstrates, The architectural limits of forced views, filtered light, controlled air and untouchable canopy are broken. Casa Ojala is <Cropped>

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Budapest M4 by Palatium Studio Ltd

Palatium Studio Ltd. Shows The Budapest M4 Metro Stations

Palatium Studio Ltd., the author of the award winning work Metro Stations by Palatium Studio Ltd. spells out, Budapest Metro Line M4 has been the largest infrastructure project of the city for the last decades. Thanks to intensive collaboration betwe <Cropped>

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Shoe Store:outer Shoes by Kube Arquitetura

Kube Arquitetura Shows The Outer Shoes Shoe Store

Kube Arquitetura, the architect of the displayed design Award Winning Outer Shoes Shoe Store points out, The main objective for this project is the creation of a fresh atmosphere, bringing a little bit of nature into the city. This idea is shown thr <Cropped>

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Penthouse Flat by Bfa Barbara Fassoni Architects

Bfa Barbara Fassoni Architects Portrays The Private Interior Penthouse Flat

BFA Barbara Fassoni Architects, the architect of the award winning project Penthouse Flat:Private Interior by BFA Barbara Fassoni Architects says, Located in a new refurbishment in Monza's city centre, the apartment has been created out of the u <Cropped>

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