The Circle of Imagination, Greenland-interior Design by Huang Quan

Huang Quan Exhibits The The Circle of Imagination, Greenland Interior Design

Huang Quan, the maker of the award winning design Interior Design by Huang Quan explains, Situated in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, the residential property sales “Imagination” at Greenland Central Park displays the space aesthetics throughout <Cropped>

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Bathroom Furniture:sott'aqua Marino by Sevil Acar

Sevil Acar Reveals The Sott'aqua Marino Bathroom Furniture

Sevil Acar, the creative mind behind the award winning work Bathroom Furniture:Sott'Aqua Marino by Sevil Acar spells out, The Sott'Aqua Marino collection with its creative details of the underwater world to the bathrooms,offers the luxury o <Cropped>

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Award Winning Scrubya Soap Range

Dollsy Portrays The Scrubya Soap Range

Dollsy, the author of the award winning work ScrubYa - Soap Range by Dollsy demonstrates, ScrubYa soap design is a result of research done in the field of health and personal hygiene for children. ScrubYa is a soap range created for children to con <Cropped>

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Hotel by Levent Tümer & Durul Onaran

Levent Tümer & Durul Onaran Presents The Radisson Blu Leogrand Hotel Hotel

Levent Tümer & Durul Onaran , the author of the displayed work Hotel by Levent Tümer & Durul Onaran demonstrates, The Leogrand Hotel was an iconic local brand in Chisinau Moldova, and the project is based on the renovation and restoration o <Cropped>

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Philippe Beauparlant's Bain Shelf Wall Shelf

Philippe Beauparlant Demonstrates The Bain Shelf Wall Shelf

Philippe Beauparlant, the maker of the award winning work Bain Shelf by Philippe Beauparlant explains, Originally designed as part of a custom kitchen for a private residence, the wireframe shelves were used to improve the visual sightlines of the sp <Cropped>

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Medvie-Health Care by Alberto Torres

Alberto Torres Spotlights The Medvie Health Care

Alberto Torres, the architect of the awarded project health care:MedVie by Alberto Torres demonstrates, The project aims to be an open space for the community. The volumetric proposal was developed with two wings that house the medical offices and op <Cropped>

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360° Water Barrier by Nicholas Tay Meng Kiat

Nicholas Tay Meng Kiat Designs The 360° Water Barrier Water Barrier

Nicholas Tay Meng Kiat, the architect of the awarded design 360° Water Barrier by Nicholas Tay Meng Kiat spells out, When flash floods or high tide arrives, the road barrier will move its metal shutter to the other road barrier, creating a line of d <Cropped>

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Commode:dog by Viktor & Yuriy Kovtun

Viktor & Yuriy Kovtun Shows The Dog Commode

Viktor & Yuriy Kovtun, the project leader of the displayed work Award Winning dog commode spells out, This commode is similar to a dog externally. It is very joyful, but, at the same time, is very functional. Thirteen boxes of different size are <Cropped>

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Website by Chc Digital

Chc Digital Illustrates The Finch & Partners Website

CHC Digital, the thinktank behind the award winning design Award Winning Finch & Partners Website points out, In taking the approach of displaying the entire web content on a single page, allowed the user interaction to be swift whilst providing <Cropped>

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Cypris Ring by Fabio Brazil and Henrique Murgel

Fabio Brazil and Henrique Murgel Shows The Cypris Ring Ring

Fabio Brazil and Henrique Murgel, the architect of the highlighted project Cypris Ring - Ring by Fabio Brazil and Henrique Murgel illustrates, The unpredictable nature of the sea - with its motions, forms, and reflections - inspired the creation of t <Cropped>

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