Ricca-Sakura in a Bar by Ryohei Kanda

Ryohei Kanda Shows The Ricca Sakura in a Bar

Ryohei Kanda, the lead designer of the award winning project RICCA by Ryohei Kanda says, RICCA is a bar, located at Kagurazaka.  Even now, there are Japanese traditional atmosphere and alley in this town. I created this design to express Japanese a <Cropped>

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Project Tripod-Table Base by Pavel Volovov

Pavel Volovov Portrays The Project Tripod Table Base

Pavel Volovov, the creator of the highlighted work Project Tripod by Pavel Volovov explains, The inspiration of Tripod concept comes from the Great Coral Reef where one can find the beauty that is created by colonies of polyps. The Tripod is a sculpt <Cropped>

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Acclaimed Designer's Studio Photographic Studio

Acclaimed Designer Spotlights The Studio Photographic Studio

The lead designer of the awarded design photographic studio by Acclaimed Designer explicates, Facing a small urban square, the Loft Studio opens entirely to the outside. The inner space of this photography studio flows into the side gardens of the bu <Cropped>

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Bag Istrap-Bluetooth Luggage Tracker by Ryan Yeung & Hoi Yang

Ryan Yeung & Hoi Yang Portrays The Bag Istrap Bluetooth Luggage Tracker

Ryan Yeung & Hoi Yang, the creative mind behind the awarded design Bag iStrap - Bluetooth luggage tracker by Ryan Yeung & Hoi Yang explains, Bag iStrap is a Bluetooth wireless connected device to help travellers keeping their luggage on tra <Cropped>

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By Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Presents The Design #67998

The maker of the highlighted design - by Acclaimed Designer explicates, .

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Musical Instrument:metal Wind Chime by Bryan Wong

Bryan Wong Spotlights The Metal Wind Chime Musical Instrument

Bryan Wong, the creator of the highlighted work Musical Instrument by Bryan Wong demonstrates, Metal Wind Chime is nature's musical instrument, dancing along the natural movement of air. Each breeze is a chance striking at the unknown. This simp <Cropped>

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Alpine Restaurant by Arsp Architekten Rüf Stasi Partner

Arsp Architekten Rüf Stasi Partner Spotlights The Alpine Restaurant Schmiedhof Alm Alpine Restaurant

ARSP Architekten Rüf Stasi Partner, the lead designer of the awarded work Alpine Restaurant Schmiedhof Alm by ARSP Architekten Rüf Stasi Partner explains, On the Schmittenhöhe in Zell am See, the existing Schmiedhof Alm was dismantled and rebuil <Cropped>

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Office:top Time Office by Bo Lee

Bo Lee Exhibits The Top Time Office Office

Bo Lee, the author of the highlighted work Office:Top Time Office by Bo Lee illustrates, Designer retained original walls and ceiling of the old plant as much as possible for taking the concept of movie&TV dream works and utilized multiple exquis <Cropped>

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Rings by Pawel Kaczynski

Pawel Kaczynski Creates The Amber Around The World Rings

Pawel Kaczynski, the creative mind behind the awarded work AMBER AROUND the WORLD by Pawel Kaczynski spells out, Amber the stone occurring on various continents of the earth . The main aim was to present amber coming from various corners of the world <Cropped>

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James Cornetet-Get Your Feet Off My Coffee Table! Coffee Table

At Design Interviews

(Excerpt) Interview with James Cornetet : Frank Scott: What is the main principle, idea and inspiration behind your design?. James Cornetet : The primary assumption that I had to make before realizing the design of this coffee table, was that there w <Cropped>

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