Bookends by Sophia Enjoy Thinking

Sophia Enjoy Thinking Reveals The Marathon Boy Bookends Bookends

SOPHIA Enjoy Thinking, the creative mind behind the awarded work Bookends by SOPHIA Enjoy Thinking explicates, The unique Marathon Boy Bookends successfully revive the Ancient Greek cultural heritage through contemporary design practices. Combining <Cropped>

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Avoid Wet Clothes and The Environment:disappeared Umbrella by Li Xuesong and Cao Weizhi

Li Xuesong and Cao Weizhi Illustrates The Disappeared Umbrella Avoid Wet Clothes and The Environment

Li Xuesong and Cao Weizhi, the lead designer of the highlighted design Avoid wet clothes and the environment by Li Xuesong and Cao Weizhi spells out, Combine the case, which is easy to be lost, with the shape of handle in design. The lengthened handl <Cropped>

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Architecture-Education Facility by Aedas

Aedas Shares The Xian Jiaotong-Liverpool University Architecture-Education Facility

Aedas, the project leader of the highlighted design Award Winning Xian Jiaotong-Liverpool University Architecture - Education facility points out, The university is located in Suzhou, where the famous Taihu stone is unearthed. The design of the Admin <Cropped>

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Interior Design, Residence:woods, Stones and Mirrors by Hsin-yuan Lee

Hsin-yuan Lee Shows The Woods, Stones and Mirrors Interior Design, Residence

Hsin-Yuan Lee, the lead designer of the awarded work Interior Design, Residence:Woods, Stones and Mirrors by Hsin-Yuan Lee explicates, Based on the elegant modern style, the indoor space decorated with white ceilings, stone floors, grey mirrors and t <Cropped>

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Carbination Product:pepsi Homemade by Pepsico Design & Innovation

Pepsico Design & Innovation Discloses The Pepsi Homemade Carbination Product

PepsiCo Design & Innovation, the maker of the award winning design Award Winning Pepsi Homemade Carbination Product explains, Homemade allows everyone to craft a Pepsi where and when they want with quality ingredients and no artificial sweetener <Cropped>

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Office Desk:combine by Mehmet Lutfi Hidayetoglu

Mehmet Lutfi Hidayetoglu Discloses The Combine Office Desk

Mehmet Lutfi Hidayetoglu, the author of the awarded design Award Winning Combine Office Desk points out, The Combine was designed to be multi-purpose. Thanks to the slots opened in a suitable manner on the form of the conical carrying foot for the w <Cropped>

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Koc Yasam-Dormitory by Ismail Murat Saltipinar

Ismail Murat Saltipinar Exhibits The Koc Yasam Dormitory

Ismail Murat Saltipinar, the project leader of the displayed project Koc Yasam by Ismail Murat Saltipinar demonstrates, Many services designed, managed and created to enhance the quality of life and productivity of the students. In this design studen <Cropped>

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Black Tenement-Residence by Eureka Limited

Eureka Limited Discloses The Black Tenement Residence

Eureka Limited, the architect of the award winning work Residence by Eureka Limited explicates, "Black Tenement" is a renovation project in Central, Hong Kong. The project renovates an 5-storey tenement house building from 1950s to provide <Cropped>

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Florian W. Mueller's Porsche, Life Intensified Photography

Florian W. Mueller Exhibits The Porsche, Life Intensified Photography

Florian W. Mueller, the maker of the award winning work Photography:Porsche, Life Intensified by Florian W. Mueller illustrates, With award-winning photographer Florian W. Mueller, Porsche sought to find an appropriate setting that embodies the motto <Cropped>

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Dong Lai Shun by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Shares The Dong Lai Shun Logo and Vi

The thinktank behind the highlighted work Logo and VI:Dong Lai Shun by Acclaimed Designer points out, Donglaishun, with its origin in 1903, is a hundred-year franchise restaurant. As a China time-honored brand, it is quite public among the public due <Cropped>

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