Atxiaoge by Zhan Xiao

Zhan Xiao Designs The Atxiaoge Express Delivery Application

Zhan Xiao, the creator of the awarded design Award Winning Atxiaoge express delivery application spells out, Based on the location of service positioning, to achieve the key to send real-time view the distribution of couriers within the region, acc <Cropped>

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Logo, Packaging Identity:graffetta Estate Wines by Giacomo Stefanelli-barbara Cesura

Giacomo Stefanelli-barbara Cesura Presents The Graffetta Estate Wines Logo, Packaging Identity

Giacomo Stefanelli - Barbara Cesura, the thinktank behind the award winning work Logo, packaging identity by Giacomo Stefanelli - Barbara Cesura demonstrates, It was needed to espress the value of the Graffetta Estate trhough an iconic visual that <Cropped>

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Lamp:lady Cage by Massimo Rosati

Massimo Rosati Portrays The Lady Cage Lamp

Massimo Rosati, the designer of the award winning design Lady Cage by Massimo Rosati says, Lady Cage is a versatile lamp. You can hang it on a hook, place it on a top or on a shelf, take it with you. Easy to move, thanks to its handle, easy to place <Cropped>

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Award Winning Cocoon Lounge Chair

Tim Kwok Presents The Cocoon Lounge Chair

Tim Kwok, the designer of the awarded design Lounge Chair by Tim Kwok spells out, Cocoon Chair was inspired by how silkworm develops cocoon. Cocoon Chair uses continuous line randomly looped around a frame structure to create a woven form that serve <Cropped>

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Melody Charm by Ding-Rui Tai & Yun-Hsiang Tsao

Ding-Rui Tai & Yun-Hsiang Tsao Portrays The Melody Charm Residential House

Ding-Rui Tai & Yun-Hsiang Tsao, the author of the award winning project Ding-Rui Tai & Yun-Hsiang Tsao's Melody Charm Residential House says, Upon entering the house, a mellow and warm melody of chords sounds immediately, following the r <Cropped>

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Modular Bookcase Design

Metalmeccanica Alba and Desall Invite The International Community of Creative Talents to Design a New Combinable, Modular and Easily Dismantlable Bookcase, For The Historical Albacomponents Brand.metalmeccanica Alba and Desall Invite The International Com

Metalmeccanica alba and desall invite the international community of creative talents to design a new combinable, modular and easily dismantlable bookcase, for the historical albacomponents brand.Metalmeccanica alba and desall invite the internationa <Cropped>

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Restaurant:locale "the Pub Cafe" by Devesh Bhatia

Devesh Bhatia Exhibits The Locale "the Pub Cafe" Restaurant

Devesh Bhatia, the thinktank behind the award winning project Locale "the pub cafe" - Restaurant by Devesh Bhatia explicates, Locale: the pub cafe has been designed to provide a casual and youthful space. the restaurant is designed to provi <Cropped>

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Original Elements of Life by Xiaoping He & Xinglin Li

Xiaoping He & Xinglin Li Shows The Original Elements of Life Hotel

Xiaoping He & Xinglin Li, the thinktank behind the highlighted work Hotel:Original Elements of Life by Xiaoping He & Xinglin Li explains, The designers abandon the trifles and use white and natural wood as the main colors. In combination with <Cropped>

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Kanra Kyoto-Hotel by Uds Ltd

Uds Ltd. Exhibits The Kanra Kyoto Hotel

UDS Ltd., the thinktank behind the award winning work Award Winning Kanra Kyoto Hotel illustrates, Hotel Kanra Kyoto is established under the mission that all guests KAN - meaning To Experience in Japanese - the spirit of RA - City Of Kyoto - where t <Cropped>

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Eco-Tech Square of National Resistance-Square by Eleftherios Piskitzis

Eleftherios Piskitzis Shares The Eco-Tech Square of National Resistance Square

Eleftherios Piskitzis, the lead designer of the award winning work Eleftherios Piskitzis's Eco-tech Square of National Resistance Square demonstrates, The revitalization project of the National Resistance Square, tackles the desire to reestabl <Cropped>

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