Exhibition, Events & Meetings Space by Lorenzo Apicella

Lorenzo Apicella Exhibits The Cedia Booth Design 2015 Exhibition, Events & Meetings Space

Lorenzo Apicella , the thinktank behind the award winning design Cedia Booth Design 2015 - Exhibition, Events & Meetings Space by Lorenzo Apicella illustrates, In 2015, the Custom Electronic Designers and Installers Association re-positioned its <Cropped>

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Residential House:villa W by Yi-Ching Lin and Shih-Ming Lu

Yi-Ching Lin and Shih-Ming Lu Illustrates The Villa W Residential House

Yi-Ching Lin and Shih-Ming Lu, the creative mind behind the displayed work Award Winning Villa W Residential house points out, In a new feature situated the original soul. From an angle of extensive view, looking down at the street pieced with point <Cropped>

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Handbag by Ellia Wang

Ellia Wang Designs The Flower Bag Handbag

Ellia Wang, the maker of the awarded work Handbag by Ellia Wang says, Geometry Flower Bag is especially inspired by the beauty of the interaction between light and form, the Geometry Collection as a whole portrays aesthetically pleasing innovation <Cropped>

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Shell by Nina Mair

Nina Mair Reveals The Shell Bathtub

Nina Mair, the creative mind behind the award winning work Nina Mair's Shell Bathtub points out, The Shell bathtub is carved from a solid block of aromatic walnut. With extremely high precision and a great love of detail, this concept is at the <Cropped>

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Baby Products Design

A' International Baby, Kids and Children's Products Design Award Is Waiting For Your Entries

A' International Baby, Kids and Children's Products Design Award is open for submissions of all concept stage, prototype or finished products by professional and young designers, design studios, and design oriented baby and kids products ma <Cropped>

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Delonghi Design Your Breakfast

New Idea Contest On Desall.com: De’longhi Invites You to Suggest New Concepts For Small Appliances Designed For The Preparation of Breakfast.de’longhi Design Your Breakfast-International Call For Entries New Idea Contest On Desall.com: De’longh

New idea contest on desall.com: de’longhi invites you to suggest new concepts for small appliances designed for the preparation of breakfast.De’longhi design your breakfast - international call for entries new idea contest on desall.com: de’ <Cropped>

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5x5 by Barbara Princic

Barbara Princic Creates The 5x5 Led Lamp

BARBARA PRINCIC, the thinktank behind the highlighted design Award Winning 5X5 LED Lamp spells out, The story about the 5x5 LED lamp comes together with the 5x5 chair introduced and awarded previous year. The chair's unique material characteris <Cropped>

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Magical Bench:fairy Tail by Vasil Velchev

Vasil Velchev Spotlights The Fairy Tail Magical Bench

Vasil Velchev, the architect of the award winning design Fairy Tail - Magical bench by Vasil Velchev demonstrates, If you want to escape the tension of the busy world and distract yourself from the daily grind, a magical bench will carry you to th <Cropped>

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Cat's Cradle-Living-Room Chair by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Creates The Cat's Cradle Living-Room Chair

The author of the displayed work Living-Room Chair by Acclaimed Designer points out, Digits or Fibers, a current design process dilemma. All of us are beginners but some of us have to work at it. Beginning designers observe every technique available <Cropped>

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Commercial Space, Restaurant by Cheng-chen Chen

Cheng-chen Chen Demonstrates The Maru Commercial Space, Restaurant

Cheng-Chen Chen, the architect of the awarded design MARU - Commercial Space,Restaurant by Cheng-Chen Chen points out, The wooden framed window next to the entrance serves as a showcase and creates a brand new visual effect, which turns the notion of <Cropped>

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