Grades Don't Matter-Mobile Application by Lollypop Design Studio

Lollypop Design Studio Portrays The Grades Don't Matter Mobile Application

Lollypop Design Studio, the thinktank behind the highlighted project Lollypop Design Studio's Grades Don't Matter Mobile Application explicates, Grades Don’t Matter is an alternative education platform that aims to gear India from being a <Cropped>

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Bathroom by Bilska De Beaupuy

Bilska De Beaupuy Discloses The Indoor Outdoor Bathroom Bathroom

Bilska de Beaupuy, the creator of the highlighted project Bilska de Beaupuy's Indoor Outdoor Bathroom Bathroom spells out, The project is an exploration of an Indoor-Outdoor space. Architects aimed to create an in-between zone, somewhere that is <Cropped>

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Lamp:baggy Lamp by Elnur Babayev

Elnur Babayev Exhibits The Baggy Lamp Lamp

Elnur Babayev , the project leader of the displayed design Baggy Lamp - Lamp by Elnur Babayev spells out, “Baggy Lamp” is a serie of an accessory lamp concept for a modern and loft styled interiors with the shape of bag. The idea behind the conce <Cropped>

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Spices Bistro Specialty Restaurant-Hotel Restaurant by Ivan Cheng

Ivan Cheng Spotlights The Spices Bistro Specialty Restaurant Hotel Restaurant

Ivan Cheng, the maker of the awarded project Award Winning Spices Bistro Specialty Restaurant Hotel Restaurant demonstrates, Spices Bistro Specialty Restaurant with a blue-diamond rating stands out its unique character within the hotel and from other <Cropped>

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Cooking Utensil Collection:opulent by Adele Rehkemper, Cliff Shin

Adele Rehkemper, Cliff Shin Creates The Opulent Cooking Utensil Collection

Adele Rehkemper, Cliff Shin, the project leader of the awarded project Adele Rehkemper, Cliff Shin's Opulent Cooking Utensil Collection points out, This utensil stand creates a new cooking experience, it not only gives the user an easier way to <Cropped>

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Oberbayern by Fabio Su

Fabio Su Shows The Oberbayern Residential House

Fabio Su, the maker of the award winning work Oberbayern by Fabio Su points out, The designer believes that the profundity and significance of space live in the sustainability derived from the unity of interrelated and codependent man, space, and env <Cropped>

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Paul&shark-Responsive Webdesign by Luan Gjokaj

Luan Gjokaj Spotlights The Paul&shark Responsive Webdesign

Luan Gjokaj, the lead designer of the awarded work Responsive Webdesign by Luan Gjokaj says, The information architecture and how information is organized played a huge role in the design process. Considering all the exciting new technology that boom <Cropped>

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Urban Oasis by Hsuan-Chih Chou

Hsuan-Chih Chou Shares The Urban Oasis Residential House

Hsuan-Chih Chou, the creator of the award winning work Residential House by Hsuan-Chih Chou explicates, The interior design work for the townhouse, located in Yangmei, whose owner takes great pleasure in country living, is initiated to present the re <Cropped>

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Beverage:wanglaoji Black Herbal Tea by Tiger Pan

Tiger Pan Exhibits The Wanglaoji Black Herbal Tea Beverage

Tiger Pan, the maker of the awarded design Beverage by Tiger Pan explicates, WANGLAOJI’s Black Herbal Tea is known to many in China through the packaging designer after he posted the design on his social media. The graphic design depicts the networ <Cropped>

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Door Handle by Joseph Dibenedetto and James Tsarouhas

Joseph Dibenedetto and James Tsarouhas Demonstrates The Monte Timber Collection Door Handle

Joseph Dibenedetto and James Tsarouhas, the lead designer of the displayed work Door Handle:Monte Timber Collection by Joseph Dibenedetto and James Tsarouhas explicates, The Monte Timber Collection offers a blend of minimalist design, innovation and <Cropped>

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