Fast Food Newspaper by Masoud Aghaei

Masoud Aghaei Portrays The Hamed Press Fast Food Newspaper

Masoud Aghaei, the designer of the highlighted work Hamed Press by Masoud Aghaei demonstrates, Hamed newspaper is not a real newspaper. it is a funny newspaper format advertisement fully edited with corporate identity of Hamed fast food. from the nea <Cropped>

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Exhibit by Erik Schmitt & Julio Martinez

Erik Schmitt & Julio Martinez Shares The Xerox Parc Exhibit Exhibit

Erik Schmitt & Julio Martinez, the thinktank behind the highlighted work Award Winning Xerox PARC Exhibit Exhibit illustrates, Xerox PARC, the legendary center for technology innovation and R&D in Silicon Valley needed a compelling way to in <Cropped>

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Packaging:the Labors of Hercules by Andreas Kioroglou

Andreas Kioroglou Shows The The Labors of Hercules Packaging

Andreas Kioroglou, the maker of the awarded project Packaging by Andreas Kioroglou explicates, This is an extraordinary Brain Teaser offering thrilling pattern-puzzle solving experiences. Themed around the journey of the great, Greek mythology hero, <Cropped>

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Passenger Drone by Maform Design

Maform Design Creates The Lift Aircraft Hexa Passenger Drone

Maform Design, the author of the awarded project Passenger Drone by Maform Design spells out, LIFT Aircraft HEXA is designed to provide pilot's experience to people, no pilot’s license required. The flight experience is further extended by a s <Cropped>

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Retailer Space:anword International by Chun Han Lee

Chun Han Lee Reveals The Anword International Retailer Space

Chun Han Lee, the creator of the award winning work Retailer Space by Chun Han Lee explicates, The project is renovated from a pre-owned house into a commercial space. To make a magnificent and comfortable atmosphere, the space is applied simple line <Cropped>

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Ring by Ali Mohammad Heidari and Zahra Khaniki

Ali Mohammad Heidari and Zahra Khaniki Shares The Isfahan, From "the City of The World" Ring

Ali Mohammad Heidari and Zahra Khaniki, the creative mind behind the highlighted work Award Winning Isfahan, from "The City of the World" Ring points out, In the collection, the City of the World, Carin Design Studio follows the passion fo <Cropped>

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Jaco Pan's Lai Yard Office

Jaco Pan Exhibits The Lai Yard Office

Jaco Pan, the maker of the awarded work Lai Yard by Jaco Pan explicates, This old fashioned architecture was redesigned to meet multiple needs, such as meditation for personal mindset and library. The name of this project is able to source from a anc <Cropped>

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Chubby Unicorn by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Presents The Chubby Unicorn Freeride/Downhill Skateboard

The author of the award winning work Chubby Unicorn - Freeride/Downhill Skateboard by Acclaimed Designer illustrates, The Chubby Unicorn is a breakthrough board for Loaded, eight years in the making. The Chubby is the perfect example of form meeting <Cropped>

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Collection of Lamps in Neo-Modern Style:silk Dragon by Alena Zakharova and Lyubov Shilyaeva

Alena Zakharova and Lyubov Shilyaeva Discloses The Silk Dragon Collection of Lamps in Neo-Modern Style

Alena Zakharova and Lyubov Shilyaeva, the architect of the highlighted project Alena Zakharova and Lyubov Shilyaeva's Silk Dragon Collection of lamps in neo-modern style illustrates, Present the lamps of neo-modern design with the style of the d <Cropped>

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Bam Bam by Rockwell Group

Rockwell Group Discloses The Bam Bam Restaurant

Rockwell Group, the author of the highlighted design Restaurant by Rockwell Group demonstrates, Bam Bam is a Vietnamese-Cajun beer garden that features a long, continuous bar that wraps through the space, punctuated with fluted bamboo columns and bur <Cropped>

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